Digital Hospitality HotBlog™ Offers the Best Hotel
Blog Development

On the surface, a blog seems pretty straightforward: a series of articles posted one after another. But look a little deeper and you'll discover that a hotel blog can be a powerful online marketing tool. Include a blog on your hotel's website and you'll do more than just engage visitors with interesting content – you'll send your business on a path to higher returns.

With the custom HotBlog™ service from Digital Hospitality your blog will work effectively to increase your web traffic, promote your hotel, boost your reputation, publicize your promotions, elevate your search ranking and encourage bookings. HotBlog™ draws visitors to your site with original, engaging and regularly updated content that discusses nearby attractions, local events and topics of interest to your target market and your business. In addition to being an SEO powerhouse, this content helps generate bookings from guests attending festivals, concerts, fairs, and anything else going on around town. Choose HotBlog™ for your hotel and let this revenue-boosting machine go to work for you

Fully Integrated Hotel Blog (HotBlog™)

With our exclusive HotBlog™ platform, your blog is fully integrated into your hotel's website. This not only improves your site's SEO, but also means that visitors won't be directed elsewhere; they will stay on your site for longer, read more about your hotel, and have a greater chance of booking their accommodations with you.

Social Media Integration

Our HotBlog™ platform goes hand in hand with our goal of providing the best hotel social media marketing. Your blog will seamlessly integrate with your pages on Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, Digg®, and other major social media platforms. With HotBlog's centralized blogging feature, you won't need to post multiple times to have content appear in multiple places.

Multi-Level User Functionality

HotBlog™ allows you set up multiple user accounts to post and update content on your blog. You can also implement customized content filters to ensure that certain content requires approval before posting.

Custom Writing and Content Production

Having unique and up-to-date content is essential for your blog to be successful as a marketing and SEO tool. Save yourself the labor of grinding out weekly blog posts and let our skilled writers produce original, engaging content for you. Beginning with thorough research of your target market and surrounding area, our writers develop creative and compelling articles that people want to read. Using a sales-driven approach that encourages bookings and promotes your hotel, our HotBlog™ custom content will make your blog interactive and profitable.