Get the Best in Hotel Social Media Marketing

Social media is deeply woven into the fabric of everyday life for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Facebook® alone accounts for 1 in 5 page views on the Internet. By now, we are well past the point where anyone needs to be convinced that these sites have fundamentally changed the way we interact and gather information. But many still fail to realize just how essential social media is to successful online marketing. For your hotel, social media's interactive medium presents a powerful new way to communicate with your customers, promote your hotel and develop your brand. Social media is an everyday institution: get onboard with social media marketing by Digital Hospitality to make increased revenue an everyday occurrence for your hotel.

Part of what makes Digital Hospitality provide the best hotel social media marketing service is our attention to the unique goals and identity of your business. We develop social media solutions that go beyond generic templates to communicate the distinctive features of your hotel. We identify the factors critical to your success to set a clear path to more bookings and higher returns. From creating sleek, user-friendly pages to building creative promotions, we have the power to drive your social media campaign with ingenuity and an unwavering commitment to boosting your bottom line.

Custom Facebook® Booking Engine

When a potential customer visits your Facebook® page, you don't want them to leave without booking a room. By equipping your Facebook® page with a custom booking engine from Digital Hospitality, you'll make it easier for them to do just that. Guests can make their reservations quickly and easily directly from your Facebook® page with a dynamic calendar and customized graphic design for your hotel's brand. Digital Hospitality's social media platform can seamlessly push reservation data from the calendar to your booking engine or your brand's booking engine, integrating easily with your PMS to provide detailed statistics and analytics reporting.

Custom Facebook® Page

Facebook® is dynamic medium where users seek fresh, engaging content. Settling for a bland, generic Facebook® page means you risk being tuned out by potential customers. With our inspired custom page design, users will be drawn to your Facebook® page, impressed by its presentation and compelled to explore what you have to offer. Eye-catching graphics, easy-to-navigate layouts and unique content will encourage bookings and produce positive social media buzz. With exclusive analytics reporting, you'll also get valuable insight into the behavior, demographics, and locations of those visiting your Facebook page.

Custom secondary page design

Facebook® has come a long way from offering simple, single-page profiles. It is now a powerful web design platform that can accommodate rich, multi-page sites within Facebook® itself. With our social media marketing, you can harness the full potential of Facebook® with a full-feature site containing multiple pages, custom calls to action, newsletter sign-up forms and more.

Fully customizable dynamic content

Publicize your hotel's promotions, packages, new facilities and unique offerings easily and efficiently with fully customizable content. Digital hospitality can provide you with the convenience of updating the content of your Facebook® page to keep up with what's going on with your business right now-after all, Facebook® is all about being up-to-the-minute.

Dynamic interaction with other web components

With the suite of BookPro™ services from Digital Hospitality, integrating content between your Facebook® page, your CMS, your blog and any other web components is simple and seamless. BookPro's centralized administration feature allows you to easily feed data and posts to update content in multiple places so you only need to post once. Link content with Twitter® and YouTube®, integrate embedded video, and sync attractions and local area maps between sites in just a single step.

Facebook® promotion and campaign management

Mounting a profitable social media campaign takes skill, experience, and creative flair. At Digital Hospitality, we are equipped with all three. And we're rich in a resource you might not have a lot of: time. Put your social media marketing campaign in our hands and we will manage every element from start to finish with minimal time commitment from you. We'll go to work for you with an arsenal of social media marketing techniques geared to increase bookings and produce serious online buzz. Let us develop creative promotions, generate social media hype and take the reins on a mission to boost revenue for your hotel.