Hassle-Free Hotel Web Hosting

Digital Hospitality manages all aspects of your online marketing, including website and email hosting for your hotel. Web hosting can be one of the biggest frustrations for hoteliers, and we know that you don’t have the time to deal with server troubles and downtime. Our web hosting is the most reliable in the industry. Because you can always get a hold of us, you can rest easy knowing that any problems are often solved before they become noticeable to the general public. We guarantee that your website will always be up and running smoothly.

Domain Name Registration

Having the right domain name is important for customers remembering it, and for driving search engine traffic to your website.

Website Statistics

Your new hotel website is a big investment. It’s the face of your hotel to the online community and a key tool for driving bookings, so you want to know that it’s paying off. Digital hospitality is among the leaders in hotel web hosting when it comes to providing you with the feedback you need on your website’s performance. Each web hosting package includes detailed website statistics; from site visitors to reservations and conversions, you’ll always know the success of your online marketing. Whether you select a light option or choose a highly in-depth examination, we provide your key statistics in an easy-to-understand format.

Email That Works

Digital Hospitality uses a cluster email server and geographically redundant networks to ensure reliable performance. What does this mean? It ensures that your emails will never bounce, so you will never miss a reservation! Our email service includes:
  • Unlimited Email Accounts (yourname@yourhotel.com)
  • POP3 Email Accounts
  • Webmail Email Access - check your email from anywhere!
  • Spam Filter
  • Gmail Integration

POP3 Email Accounts

Create as many email accounts as are required for your hotel (yourname@yourhotel.com). With our easy to use control panel, you can easily add, change, or delete email addresses as required. You can also easily set up email forwarding, create email aliases, or set up vacation messages with a few clicks of your mouse. Webmail access is included with each email account. Our team is readily available if you require assistance setting up your email client, or configuring your account.

Webmail Email Access

Access your email from anywhere in the world by using your web-browser. This is perfect for when you’re out off the office and on the go. You can also use webmail to configure your email settings including spam filtering, setting a vacation message, and email forwarding.

Gmail Integration for Webmail

Do you prefer using your Gmail account? Digital Hospitality can integrate your email account with Gmail. Now you can access your hotel emails using a webmail client similar to Gmail. Enjoy over 6 GB of online email storage space!

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Digital Hospitality offers the peace of mind that comes from personalized service and one-on-one attention. We provide ongoing maintenance and support for our hotel web hosting services. Our team is readily available should you ever require updates and changes to the content on your site.

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