BookPro™ Delivers the Best Mobile Sites for Hotels

Smartphones and tablets are no longer emergent technologies: they are dominant forces in driving e-commerce around the world. These ubiquitous little devices are the primary online shopping tools for millions of consumers. For your hotel this presents a profitable opportunity. Don't let countless bookings slip away: tap this ever-growing source of revenue with a creative and effective BookPro™ mobile site from Digital Hospitality.

Google's mobile research shows that over 30% of mobile users in countries across the world are using their devices for travel shopping. If your site isn't optimized for these devices, mobile shoppers will encounter clunky, awkward versions of your pages, with limited functionality and frustrating navigation. Choose a BookPro™ mobile site for your hotel and provide mobile customers with a refreshing experience when they visit you online. Let them navigate information quickly and easily and book their rooms directly on their device, without hassle. Let them take advantage of GPS technology to discover all the exciting attractions and events around your hotel. Mobile is here to stay, so get started building your BookPro™ mobile site today .

Booking Engine Compatibility

Good mobile sites for hotels will build brand awareness and aid visitors in planning their stay. The best mobile sites for hotels will increase bookings to boost your revenue. Our BookPro™ mobile sites make it easy for mobile users to book rooms directly on their on their devices, integrating seamlessly with your brand or third-party booking engine and encouraging visitors to book without delay.

Cross-Device Compatibility

From iPads® to iPods®, Blackberry® to Android®, there are a range of devices and operating systems that mobile shoppers will use to access your site. BookPro™ mobile sites ensure complete cross-device compatibility, so no matter how your mobile customers are reaching your site, they will be able to view it with full functionality and easy navigation.

Dynamic Content Updates

With our BookPro™ hotel Content Management Systems, any updates you make or information you add will seamlessly integrate with your mobile site, giving mobile users the same up-to-date experience as visitors to your desktop site.

BookPro™ Website GPS Integration

By integrating your BookPro™ website with the GPS functions of smartphones and tablets, our BookPro™ mobile sites can use a visitor's mobile location to direct them to points of interest around your hotel. By engaging with interactive maps and specific directions on their device, users can then quickly and easily find their way to attractions that you publicize on your site.