3 Marketing Trends

  • April 03, 2019

Image taken by Kevin Xue

1. Personalized Experiences

According to Forbes, “Consumers are more concerned with personalization now than ever before. When it comes to connecting with brands, consumers realize that it’s the little things that matter,” which is why now is the time to start finding ways to create more custom. Starting with emails, videos (software like Vidyard exists for a reason!) and moving up to cards and even SWAG is a great way to create personalized experiences to potential clients and existing clients.

2. Data-driven approaches

Data, data, and more data. That’s probably the buzz word of 2019. But what does being data-driven even look like? It’s finding ways to make your company more data-driven with data initiatives. Whether that is creating a data culture within your organization or stepping away from data silos and moving towards BI tools to streamline the data process.

3. No more awful SWAG

SWAG is cool but when you’re getting loads of SWAG from various companies, keychains aren’t going to cut it anymore. Going back to point one about personalized experiences - you need to understand what your core customer actually values and appreciates and then buying SWAG around their interests - not whatever is cheapest. This doesn’t create a lasting impression on new leads or clients but instead, you’re just giving them gifts that don’t translate to the quality of your company.

If you want to learn more about marketing whether you have a hotel marketing plan or are just researching different ways to strategize your marketing plan, check out Digital Hospitality to learn more about marketing and how marketing is affecting the hospitality industry. 


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