How should I use data and design to maximise profits?

  • September 07, 2018

Remember the last time you saw a piece of art that you didn’t understand why it was there? A professional curated that piece because they believed that it would make the most sense. Their opinion made no positive impact on your experience.

This is the same for your website; it may look attractive, but that won’t matter if your users understand it.

In today’s world, data is what drives change. We believe that using data in addition to innovative design is what will maximize your website’s conversion rate.

Here are three tips to create a more data-driven design for your website.

Patterns work

Patterns and repetition may seem boring, but repetition is creating familiarity and ease-of-use. Creating a set template within your website to display information or key sections will help your users navigate and find the knowledge that they are looking for quicker. At the end of the day, you want them to see the ‘purchase,’ or ‘book now’ button quickly and with ease.

Shorten the journey

If presented well, the user will spend more time viewing less content. What would you rather?
  1. A user who goes through this great journey, but because of its length is too long they don’t end up buying or booking.
  2. A user who goes through this great journey that is short and sweet, so they end up buying or booking.
Personally, we would rather option (b). We aren’t saying to keep it at a bare minimum. Using data in both quantitative and qualitative fields, you can find that perfect balance for the user’s journey through your website.

It isn’t all data

We’re not saying forget the designer. Designs are a necessary part of a great product. This has all been about using data to do touch-ups on your designs to maximize the conversions on your website. Finding the right designer to create your vision is essential, but finding the right designer who understands the data and can pivot is a necessity.

Finding the data for design testing is done through the use of your website’s analytics system; That, with the combination of A/B testing, is key to making the most effective site. If you believe that your website can be more effective, contact Digital Hospitality for a consultation.


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