Best Western Plus Westbank

Case Study: Best Western Plus Westbank


Located just outside the city of New Orleans, in Harvey, Louisiana, The Best Western Plus Westbank Hotel is an elegant, modern property that offers much more charm and character than many competitors in the same price bracket. However, when they approached us, they had no website apart from their page on, and limited means for standing out among the crowd.


A significant challenge for us in this project was finding a way to target New Orleans tourists while also continuing to attract visitors to corporate and government sites in Harvey, LA, which had traditionally made up a large percentage of the hotel’s guests. We were also tasked with finding a way to visually represent the unique look and feel of the hotel while emphasizing the value it offers for visitors to nearby New Orleans.


  1. Commission professional photos of the hotel’s interior and exterior
  2. Select photos for the website that evoke a strong sense of ‘place’ and focus on the unique architectural and design details of the property
  3. Tailor website design elements (e.g. fonts, graphics, color palette) to reflect the look and feel of the hotel while transcending the hotel’s ‘branded’ identity
  4. Write ongoing, twice-monthly blog posts that focus specifically on New Orleans events
  5. Undertake in-depth keyword research to determine terms most likely to rank for searches from both corp./gov. travelers and New Orleans tourists
  6. Use copy to emphasize value and convenience, while allowing images to emphasize the hotel’s facilities and proximity to New Orleans
  7. Provide coaching and guidance on reputation management and social media engagement
  8. Include prominent calls-to-action on the website’s header navigation bar


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Following launch in April 2015, the website has produced a 52% average goal click-through rate. It now currently holds the #1 ranking for “Hotels in Harvey, LA” on Google. Additionally, thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews from guests, the hotel currently enjoys the #2 of 9 ranking on TripAdvisor for Hotels in Harvey, LA.

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