GIBSONS Garden Hotel

Case Study: Gibson Garden Hotel


In the small, seaside city of Gibsons, BC, the Gibsons Garden hotel was a bit of a diamond in the rough. It’s a mile or so from the city’s desirable waterfront area, but conveniently located in the centre of town. Having been converted from a former residential complex, it boasts large rooms and ample onsite amenities with affordable rates and a high level of personalized service from its dedicated owner operators. However, the hotel’s website traffic and online bookings were lackluster, and its most attractive features weren’t being accurately conveyed by its limited web presence. In addition it was nearly invisible on Google for relevant search terms.


When starting the project, we were faced with the following questions:

  • How can we attract Sunshine Coat tourists without the having the more picturesque trappings of waterfront properties?
  • How can we emphasize the high level of personalized and attentive service that the hotel provide?
  • Since the hotel’s rooms are larger and more well-equipped than its competitors, how can we attract guests looking for these features (i.e. extended stay guests and families)?
  • How can we encourage guests to see the hotel as their gateway to the many attractions of the Sunshine Coast region?
  • How can we increase web traffic and direct bookings from guests most likely to appreciate the hotel’s unique features?


  • Design a website that suggests a more coherent brand image and identity for the hotel
  • Create a detailed local area and attractions guide on the website
  • Create a dedicated ‘extended stay’ page on the site and featurize the benefits for extended stay guests on the homepage
  • Include prominent links to the hotel’s TripAdvisor page
  • Aggressively target competitive keywords for searches relating to hotels in Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast
  • Change images seasonally to appeal to guests visiting for winter or summer attractions
  • Focus on outdoor images that suggest the hotel’s connection to the area’s natural attractions
  • Post bi-monthly 300-word blog posts highlighting local area attractions


Organic Traffic


Time on Site


Bounce Rate


The Gibsons Garden Hotel currently ranks #1 in organic search results for “Hotel in Gibsons” on Google and is rated as the #1 hotel in Gibsons on TripAdvisor. When comparing the typically slow winter months of January and February year-over-year, The Gibsons Garden Hotel has seen their traffic increase by 104%, their average visitor session duration increase by 25% and their bounce rate reduce by 32% since working with Digital Hospitality. In additional, individual pageviews have nearly doubled, increasing by 86% over this period.

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