Hotel Internet Marketing Services

Digital Hospitality believes strongly in a holistic approach to hotel Internet Marketing, where all aspects of your digital strategy are united under a clear set of objectives. This is why we’ll never try and sell you any ‘add-on features’ that you don’t need. While we have developed more powerful internet marketing (see below) packages that are proven to help lift guest engagement, we will often tailor custom packages to help drive numbers on your website. In order to recommend the right package for your property we analyze the following activity:

Hotel PPC Management & SEM

For many hotel and resort properties, pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns can yield significant ROI. But just like search engine optimization, effectively managing a PPC or SEM campaign takes research, vigilance and expertise, which is what we exactly what we bring to the table for our clients, advising you on the smartest ways to spend your advertising dollars.

Reputation Management

What people say about your property on channels like TripAdvisor, Google, and Expedia can make or break your business. But you’re far from powerless when it comes to influencing and participating in this commentary. Our reputation management services work to elevate your standing on review sites and move your reputation in a positive direction by helping you effectively respond to reviews and encourage new, positive reviews from your guests.

Social Media

A strong social media presence is a necessity—any savvy hotelier knows this. The difficulty arises when determining how to effectively structure and manage your social media presence–not to mention having the time and resources to make this happen. Trust your social media strategy to our team and we’ll find creative ways to build your brand, engage your target market and boost direct bookings at your property.


Apart from being an important part of your SEO strategy, blogging is an effective tool for engaging guests, cross-promoting with local businesses and publicizing upcoming events likely to draw traffic to your hotel. Digital Hospitality’s writing team can research and write engaging, media-rich blog posts designed to appeal to your hotel’s target markets.

Branding and Marketing Strategy

Digital Hospitality’s team of designers, strategists, and marketing professionals are experts on how to effectively position and market a hotel in today’s digital marketplace. Whether you’re operating a budget lodge or a luxury resort, we can help you develop a strong brand identity, identify your target markets and create a long-term marketing plan to achieve your business goals.

Custom Campaigns

Whether it’s initiatives to engage the local community, contests to drive email marketing or creative advertising pieces, the creative team at Digital Hospitality can help you develop custom campaigns to drive more bookings to your build your brand, engage travel shoppers and drive more bookings to your hotel.

How to Beat the OTAs

OTAs can be your allies. But they’re also your competition. Every OTA booking at your hotel means a significant loss of revenue to commission. That’s why a big part of our job involves finding ways to convince guests to book directly with you on your hotel website. And when OTAs offer such a convenient and cost-effective way to book, there needs to be an incentive for guests to engage directly with your hotel before booking. This is where thinking in terms of the Guest Experience becomes especially important.