The Digital Hospitality Approach to SEO

SEO is more art than science. It has a methodology, but no guaranteed formula. At Digital Hospitality, we approach SEO with honesty and transparency, being realistic about what you can expect, what we can deliver, and what your hotel truly needs. Here are some of the key elements of our SEO approach:



What is Search Engine Optimization?

Your hotel website could be a gorgeous work of art, but it’s useless for generating revenue unless it attracts visitors. Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing process of elevating and maintaining your site’s ranking on Google and other leading search engines to maximize the volume of visitors. Unlike PPC (pay-per click) and MetaSearch Marketing, this is done organically, without additional investment in paid advertising.

Keyword Research

We go to work for you as keyword detectives, scouring most up-to-date sources for insight into your ideal keyword profile. By developing a keyword strategy designed to draw traffic from target markets most likely to book, we help you stay ahead of the game and above the competition.

Adapting to Algorithm Updates

Google changes their search algorithm around 500 times per year. While many of these changes are minor, we ensure that your SEO strategy is able to consistently adapt to them in addition to being reevaluated and restructured whenever Google releases a new search algorithm (which you may know by their cute names like Penguin and Panda).

Competitive Analysis

Understanding the competition is crucial to effective SEO. Our keyword research process closely analyzes the SEO strategies of your competitors to determine how we can get you can to the top of the pack. We work to develop a unique keyword niche for your hotel and brand that will rank you ahead of your competitors in target markets.

Content Optimization

When developing an effective SEO strategy for your hotel’s website, we leave no stone unturned, ensuring that every facet of your site’s content is optimized to elevate your search ranking and maximize traffic. This includes creating keyword-rich copy, tags, meta tags, search friendly URLs, SEO footers, and creative linking strategies.

Custom Content Creation

Optimization is about more than stuffing your site with keywords—it’s about producing fresh, original content that engages visitors while maintaining optimum keyword density. Our talented copywriting team are experts at what they do, developing creative and compelling text that sells your hotel and elevates your search ranking. From website copy to original blog posts we will produce, syndicate and promote your site’s written content to attract maximum traffic and boost bookings.

Analytics Reporting and Coaching

Vigilance is key to an effective SEO strategy. By reviewing and monitoring the activity statistics of your website using Google analytics tools, we continually adapt your strategy to respond to trends in user behavior. We also track your return on investment, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We can empower you to use Analytics with ongoing training and coaching on how to effectively monitor your web traffic and use this data to guide the development of packages, promotions, and marketing campaigns.

Why Copywriting and Blogging Matter to SEO

When you think of the primary audience for your website copy and blog posts you’d probably say it’s your website visitors. In fact, the most important ‘reader’ for this content is Google, which judges the quality, relevance and freshness of your site’s written content in order to rank your website for relevant searches. Sites which have quality, keyword-rich copy and regular additions of fresh, topical content like blogs rank higher and draw more traffic than those that don’t.