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Paid Media Optimization

Harness the most powerful and profitable digital marketing channel.
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PPC Advertising for Hotels

Paid media channels (often referred to as ‘pay-per-click’ marketing) can be one of the most profitable and flexible marketing avenues for your hotel. But to be successful requires, creativity, dedication and data expertise. Your potential for profit with paid search marketing is only as high as the demonstrated abilities of the search marketing agency you hire.
Creativity is Paramount
Anyone can set up an ad campaign on Google, Facebook and other PPC platforms. Not everyone can be profitable with it. To achieve ROI on these channels require creating a unique campaign concept, building a conversion oriented landing page and finding novel ways to optimize campaign ad spend over time. This can’t be automated. At Digital Hospitality, we rely on the expertise of our award-winning team to provide our clients with the creativity required to succeed.
Data Leads the Way
Continual improvement is the hallmark of every successful paid search marketing campaign. At Digital Hospitality, we’re not satisfied with ROI plateaus. Instead, we look to continually reduce cost-per-acquisition over time, using data insights from your campaign and from our hundreds of other successful hotel client campaigns.
Landing Page Creation & Optimization
The cornerstone of any effective paid media campaign should be persuasive and engaging landing page. For every PPC campaign we embark on for clients, our award-winning design team creates a unique landing page to profile the campaign concept and promotion for your hotel.
Accountability for Results
Nothing kills trust with a Search Marketing Agency faster than uncertainty. At Digital Hospitality, we endeavor to provide our clients with clear and transparent access to all campaign data as well as reporting that speaks to profilitbility and bookings data.
Diversifying Spend Across Channels
Not all ad channels are created equal. It’s important for us to understand the consumer behaviour of your target audience and diversify your ad spend across the channels that will reach them most effectively. This includes Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing and other channels. It also includes retargeting strategies to reach guests that have already shown interest in your hotel.
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