Why You NEED a Responsive Website

Responsive use is up and desktop use is down, what does this mean for hotel website design?

by Alexandra Service | March 10, 2017

Responsive design is one of those buzz words you probably hear your web developer throw around but what does it mean and, more importantly, why does it matter to you?

Responsive design is simple to define – the main idea is that your website will respond according to the device you view it on – whether that be a tablet, phone or old fashioned desktop computer.  An older website usually appears as a smaller version of its desktop counterpart, making it extremely difficult to navigate and book.  Good responsive design makes it easy for clients to navigate the website, find information they need and BOOK! In fact, a good mobile site will often be easier to navigate than a desktop version since it tends to present clients with only the most important information. 

About 5 years ago I took an impromptu trip to Buffalo with a friend. We arrived, did a bit of shopping and had to find a place to stay, since we hadn’t planned that far ahead.  At the time, it wasn’t as easy to access websites via mobile devices as it is now so we spent about 15 minutes driving around looking for a Starbucks so we could use my laptop to log into their WiFi and hopefully find a hotel near where we were. By not having a responsive website, you are forcing potential clients to put in as much effort as my friend and I did to find and book a hotel.  If we had found an easier option, we would have taken it, and believe me, most of your potential clients will too.

This year, mobile web traffic edged out desktop by over 51%.  It’s fairly simple, if your website isn’t responsive, you are losing conversions.  More and more consumers are using mobile devices to browse and book online. If you don’t already have a responsive website, I’d definitely add it to your list of New Year’s Resolutions this year!




About Alexandra Service:

Alexandra is Project Coordinator at Digital Hospitality. She enjoys helping clients create the perfect website to represent their hotel/brand.