January 13, 2021 |

How to Take Advantage of Google’s new “Hotel Insights” Tool

In this era of digital marketing, data rules everything. And there is no bigger repository of online data than the behemoth that is Google. 


So it felt like a gift to hoteliers everywhere when Google recently rolled out their Travel Insights” platform, a database of travel-related search data and trends to help hotels plan and adapt in 2021.


The platform consists of two sections that provide a wealth of free data and advice.  


Destination Insights allows you to view real-time data showing travel planning behavior around the world, tracking demand levels for different destinations, and user behavior trends for both local and international travel. 


Hotel Insights is a tool designed specifically for hoteliers, especially independent and boutique properties who are struggling with reduced demand. A wealth of data is available allowing you to research trends in how people are booking accommodations in your area and where they are coming from. 


This data is enormously valuable for planning your hotel's digital marketing efforts as it allows you to make informed decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars and who to target. The data shows you which types of users from which locations are most likely to book at your property right now. 


Having more insight into your inbound markets with rock-solid data from the largest search engine can put you miles ahead when planning your hotel marketing strategy in a travel landscape that’s still grappling with the global pandemic. 


In addition to being a powerful platform for leveraging data, Google’s Hotel Insights offers resources and advice for hoteliers on how to use their hotel website and presence across the internet to get the most out of the market. 


To learn more about how to leverage the data in Google Travel Insights to structure your hotel's digital marketing in 2021, drop us a line here at Digital Hospitality. We are an official Google Partner and committed to helping hotels thrive in these uncertain times. 


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