July 20, 2020 |

Digital & Online Marketing for Hotels, Resorts & the Hospitality Industry

We’ve covered many different topics on our hospitality blog over the years. In this one, we’d like to zoom out and talk simply about the basics of hotel digital marketing in 2020. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we approach digital marketing/e-marketing in the hotel industry. It hasn’t changed the fundamental tools and strategies for generating online bookings for your hotel or resort. 


Hotel Marketing Ideas, Campaigns, and Strategy

No matter what your hotel’s digital marketing goals are, you need to start with a compelling hotel website design. We can help you tell the unique story of your property and persuade users to complete a booking. Your hotel website should also fully search engine optimized, user-friendly, quick to load, and fully mobile responsive across all devices. 


Hotel SEO Strategy - Build Strong Marketing Campaigns

Once you have a modern, well-optimized website, you’ll need a strategy to drive quality traffic to it. We can have lots of hotel marketing ideas and know-how to craft successful campaigns. These campaigns could include:

  • Advertising on the search and social platforms
  • Creating fresh content on your website based on what people are searching for
  • Building an audience on social media
  • Developing strategies to attract the types of travelers most likely to book at your hotel or resort

COVID-19 Hospitality and Hotel Industry Limitations - Target Domestic Travellers

Given the current limitations on international travel, it’s especially important to consider targeting domestic travelers This could include geo-targeted ads and content, special packages and promotions, and extra safety measures for health-conscious guests.  


Online Hotel Marketing Agency for Luxury and Boutique Hotels

For luxury and boutique hotels specifically, there is a unique set of challenges and opportunities that shape how you should approach digital marketing. For upscale properties with destination appeal, travelers tend to spend more time researching, dreaming, and comparison shopping before making a booking. 


This means you have more opportunities to use marketing to influence them along the way. It also means that you have to be quite creative. Their decision will likely go beyond price and location. They will also consider their potential experience at your unique property. 


Tell a Captivating Story About Your Hotel or Resort on Your Website

This is where the idea of ‘storytelling’ comes in. Luxury hotel marketing is all about inviting the guest to envision themselves at your property. What emotions will they feel? What interesting things will they see? What exciting activities await them? The images, content, and design of your website and marketing campaigns should paint a vivid picture of these experiences. 


Use Specific Targets for Your Marketing Campaigns

Your marketing strategy should use data and have specific targets set to your advantage. It’s great to drive lots of visitors to your site, but it’s much better to attract the types of people who are likely to make a booking. This could mean targeting your search and social ad campaigns at a specific age and interest demographics. You will also want to continually refine your campaigns. This is especially true for targeting the categories of users who are responding most positively to your ads. 


Contact Us for Help With Your Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy

We are a leading hotel digital marketing agency in Vancouver, BC. Our approach is highly successful and we have over a decade of experience. You can learn more about us, or check out our online marketing services. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us take you to the top. 

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