How Can Businesses Leverage Twitter?

  • April 03, 2019
    Social Media

Photo taken by Con Karampelas 
Twitter used to be a super popular social media platform until users slowly became infatuated with more visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. But how did Twitter become popular again? Especially for B2C companies, how do they leverage Twitter as a way to communicate with their audience and maintain relationships on the social media platform.

1. Live Response

If you’ve never used Twitter, you probably wouldn’t know this but like most social media platforms, customers tend to voice their opinions by tagging the company and writing their comments. This is a great way to understand what your customers want and maintain your relationship with them in less than 150 characters.

2. Humour

It’s pretty unlikely you have never heard of the Wendy’s, Poptart, or Moon Pie Twitter Accounts. They are known for their sassy responses to customers in order to create viral content that gets shared across all social media platforms. Sometimes it’s hard to do this right, but it’s possible to master and once you do, your business will be gaining a lot more publicity.

3. Retweeting

Sometimes someone will say something better than your business will. Or they will be sharing valuable content that you wish you wrote, but you didn't. So, retweeting content that aligns with the company’s values, messaging and shows support for the original user.
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