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Instagram Trends in April

Photo taken by Georgia de Lotz 
Instagram is an ever-changing platform which means users and businesses are always getting more and more features to engage their audiences. But what were the newest updates that happened in April? Read below to find out what features Instagram added to their application in the month of April.


Quiz Stickers

Instagram recently rolled out a new feature on their Instagram story function which allows users to take quizzes provided by the Instagram user. Accounts can now create stickers and give their audience four choices where they can select their favourite response. This is a great way for businesses and accounts to see numeric values versus the other sticker functions to get better feedback from their followers and engaged audience by using numbers rather than a rough estimation.


Buying Products on Instagram

Instagram is now allowing businesses to create content and make their content shoppable for users. Previously, businesses could link their products to their website to make it easy for customers to buy their product but now it is even easier. You can now enter your payment information and shop for products right from the application.

Ads become interactive

Ads on Instagram are now actionable. You may have seen stickers on ads on the application where you can either participate in polls, answer questions or slide the emoji to explain how you’re feeling about the ad. With more and more sponsored content on the platform, this definitely makes it easier to create conversations with your audience and get more people engaged with the content your business is producing.
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