January 18, 2019 |
  • Digital Marketing

Let’s talk about Google Adwords

What happened in the workshop?

During this workshop, Kevin showed successful Google Ads campaigns and walked through case studies that have helped businesses drive consistent and predictable revenue for their business online.
Topics specifically covered included: 

  • Google Ads Campaigns Case Studies
  • Compressing everything you need to know about Digital Advertising into two basic concepts.
  • What data analysis actually looks like with a live demo.
  • How AI and machine learning are integrating into Google Advertising and why it’s a clickbait headline that you should stop reading about.

Check out some of the comments after the night ended.

"My mind was blown - the fact that you apply technical stock trading techniques to your advertising management is a game-changer!"

"I had no idea there were so many ways to analyze an online marketing campaign. No wonder this industry has become dominated by analysts instead of copywriters".


One key question was raised.

"How have you designed systems to allow multiple clients to advertise on the same keywords without them competing and bidding up the prices."

Want to find out the answer or just learn more about Google Adwords? Contact us today!

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