June 20, 2019 |
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The Presence of Video in Your Digital Marketing Plan

Photo Credit: Matthew Kwong
Warning: Video of any sort can be inexpensive. Good video is a luxury. Of course, there are a lot of free and inexpensive ways to edit and patch videos together, but it takes talent to make it look good.  Invest in the right people (or contractors) to make sure your video is outstanding. Besides, your marketing is your company’s public personality: poor quality makes for poor personality.  With this big trend on the rise, make sure it’s part of your digital marketing strategy to develop moving pictures - it’s another way to keep things fresh and interactive. 


Video - Pre-Recorded

Pre-recorded video, or simply just video, is great. It can convey an entire narrative in just moments. Let’s face it, too: ensuring your marketing has a narrative helps to engage with your audience. Videos just make it easier. To hit it home: books that may take days and even weeks to read are now conveyed within a matter of hours. The conciseness of video is helping to explain elaborate messages without misconstruing ideas. Another great feature, and why video is consistently trending; is that it can often serve as “evergreen” content. This means it can (if done properly) stay fresh, and relevant to your audience based on your company’s message. Video can also be used, re-used, and recycled for multiple purposes. As a marketer, your customers are likely inundated with endless interactive material and video: if you don’t keep up, then you’ll be forgotten and outdated. It’s that simple.


Live Video

Video, still, yes. And yes, it can turn into a pre-recorded video to sit within web pages on your website, but there’s a wild difference. Live video is something you cannot edit, which, if you are not careful, can be problematic.  First, let’s cover the clear benefit: having a real-life person behind to pair with your brand creates authenticity, connection, and relatability. But if one thing goes wrong, this video could be saved and could land the person and the company in a lot of hot water; just one wrong sentence-- one word, could be the end of it.  So what does this mean for marketers? Live can seem impromptu, but a good live video has a goal to reach. It is planned, and many times it can be scripted (bullet points, if you prefer). And if you want to go above and beyond and mitigate more risk: create a list of words and phrases to avoid-- and stick to key messaging.  It’s also that simple.
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