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3 Hotel Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

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Consider Paid Media

Anyone who has ever tried SEO (search engine optimization) efforts for their website knows how frustrating and inexact the process can be. This is what makes paid ads on Google so satisfying—there are no tricks or tweaks involved, simply pay to have your website appear at the top of google search results for a given search query. Problem is, this can get expensive! So it’s important to implement a paid media strategy that clearly tracks your ROI from ads. Over time, if the results are there, paid ads can end up being much more cost-effective and successful than pouring money into SEO. 


Have a Savvy Social Media Strategy

Especially in today’s digital day and age, it is absolutely integral to your overall hotel marketing plan to have a strong social media strategy. Not only does it create a visible and easily accessible presence for your hotel, but it also allows potential guests to interact with you, whether it be scrolling through your Instagram or commenting on a post they like on Facebook. A good social media strategy will engage your target audience and, in turn, boost bookings.  

Make Sure Your Website is Top Notch 

If a potential guest can’t easily navigate your hotel’s website or finds themselves wading through broken links, there’s a big chance they’re not going to book their stay with you. A well-designed website, especially one with good visuals built-in, can turn a passive browser into an active booker by easily answering any questions they have and giving them insight into the kind of experience they’ll have with you. Plus, it’s a great medium to tell your hotel’s unique story! 

For even more advice on how to create a successful marketing strategy for your hotel, just get in touch with us here at Digital Hospitality. Not only are we experts in paid media management, social media, and website design, but we work together with you to help create unique and custom solutions to help build your brand, engage potential guests, and drive more bookings to your hotel. Get in touch today!

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